About the Patient Application

The patient application is a very easy to use for all ages application that requires only speaking or writing about your well being in an open, unstructured way.  The Maslo platform is able to take unstructured reporting by patients and convert it into structured, aggregated and relevant signals for clinicians and administration to diagnose and issue directives.  

Key Features:
  • Easy to use smart phone interface that allows for open, no-training reporting of current condition/well being.
  • A history log for patient review to track their own well being and specific change of physical or mental state.
  • An push/sms alerting system to set reminders for prescription/plan adherence and reporting of condition or symptoms.
  • An easy way to reach caregiver/clinician for direct and immediate assistance.

About the Caregiver / Administration Application

The clinician application provides easy to read and digest case dashboards and access to raw reports from the patient.  The clinician is able to see instant structured information about a patient's well being and any potential reports of acute change to physical or mental health.  Specific symptoms and conditions can be set for special monitoring and alerting.

Key Features:
  • Easy to use web (mobile ready) interface that allows rapid review of individual and aggregate cases.
  • Ability to set alerts for key signals, such as condition or symptom growth or retreat in patient population.
  • A detailed patient profile and reporting log of all patient reports and computed diagnostics.
  • An push/sms alerting system to set reminders for prescription/plan adherence and reporting of condition or symptoms.
  • An easy way to reach patient for immediate action.

Detail specifications for all algorithms and signal processors provided to all partnering entities for their approval and adjustment to their particular concerns.


It is recommended the PHC is deployed under the DOMAIN NAME/URL and brand of the participating organization or partner. A custom domain name can be provided.

The PHC patient app is deployed under the App Store accounts for participating organizations.  The Maslo company can provision and administer these accounts and manage the app deployment. A deployment can happen as quickly as 3 weeks for a custom application. 

Maslo adheres to all local, legal, and health guidelines of participating organizations.  

Available Customizations

  • Reporting pipelines to government agencies can be provided
  • Maslo platform provides 100s of signal processors for custom symptom or condition tracking
  • Easy to add new diagnostic and prescriptive decision trees/flows
  • Ability to include existing validated assessments and symptom checkers to the open reporting
  • Ability to create custom anomaly detection on any aspect, any dimension, any symptom or signal.
Available in English, but can be made available in other languages if required.

Supported Platforms

All Modern Browsers
MacOS, Windows 8+, Linux

About Maslo

Maslo is a new category defining technology. The platform captures and processes unstructured signals like audio, video, and biomarkers to infer mental states, behaviors, and change in people over time. Want to get involved? sayhi@maslo.ai